ARC Standards

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is the HOA body that enforces the architectural community standards in our neighborhood, to keep them uniform and visually standardized to a reasonable extent. Please download and review these standards to help keep our neighborhood the best it can be.

In accordance with the Declaration of Protected Covenants for Savannah Pointe, conditions and restrictions of the association, and in order to protect the individual lot / unit owner’s rights and values, it is required that any lot / unit owner who is considering improvement of his deeded property to include, but not be limited to patio covers, decks, outside buildings, fencing, building add-ons, roof, exterior paint, etc., to submit the following to your homeowners association prior to initiating work on the planned improvements.   If any change/modification is made to the property without ARC approval, the association has the right to tell the homeowner to remove the improvement from the property. Any homeowner considering exterior improvement to their property is urged to review the recorded deed restrictions and protective covenants prior to initial request.

I recommend submitting your ARC Request using the online form. However, you may also download a printable form and submit by mail, hand delivery or e-mail to

I’m often asked, “Why does the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) have a say in what I do with my yard and/or home”.  The short answer is you live in a Covenant Community and the covenants proclaimed the ARC as an oversite committee to protect the interests of all homeowners.

Your actions towards your property and home maintenance or lack thereof play a large part in the values over the entire community.

The ARC Committee is made up of homeowners, and whose obligation is to consider your request and the impact your request may have on the neighborhood.  The ARC Committee does not want to stifle individuality and/or the ability to make your home a reflection of your personally taste.  The committee’s goal is to help the homeowner embrace the opportunity to stand out yet enhance the value of the property and the community.

If you would like to speak with me, Jessica Sheffield, about ARC guidelines or your possible design options, please contact me at (352) 872-2530.